Other Vital Information
Courses Offered at Sr. Secondary levelScience Stream, Commerce, Humanities
Vocational Courses available in the schoolInformation Practices ( 402 )
Industries attached to Vocational Courses-
Franchisee or Non-franchisee StatusNon Franchisee Status
Name of CCE Coordinator-
Details of Workshops and training programmes for teachersMr. Pankaj Kumar Singh, Mr. Dinesh Maurya and Mr. Anand Kumar, Mr. Manoj Kumar Singh participated in a workshop on 31st July to 1st August-2018. organised by CBSE on the subject ‘Capacity Building’ programme. Mrs. Sunita Dubey and Mrs. Sadhana Singh attended a workshop on 6th July-2018. value education organised by CBSE. Mrs. Ananya Mitra and Mr. Hitesh Lalwani participated in Economics workshop on 17th September-2018, organised by CBSE. Mrs. Sangeeta Kumar and Mrs. Ananya Mitra participated in a Training programme on disaster management by Seeds Asia on 14 Nov, 2018 at Sunbeam Rohaniya. Dr. Vibha Singh, Mrs. Pragati Srivastava, Miss. Meena Kumari and Mr. Hitesh Lalwani attended a workshop on 29th September-2018 the topic ‘Class Room Management’ which was organised by CBSE. Mr. Azaharuddin Ansari and Mr. Awadhesh Kumar participated in a science workshop organised by CBSE at DPS Allahabad. Smt. Shashi Prabha Pandey and Km. Musarrat Jahan participated in A Multisensory Phonics Training Programme on 10th & 11th October-2018 for Teachers, Kachhawa Christian School, Kachhawa Bazar Mirzapur. Smt. Preeti Pathak & Km Shweta Singh participated in a Capacity Building Workshop on 21 & 22 December-2018 Mathematics-X for Teachers Sunbeam Suncity, 821 Ga Bachhaon Road, Karsana, Varanasi. Mrs. Paridhi Singh & Mrs. Soni Singh participated in a Master Trainer programme on Experiential Learning on 1st May-2019 at Sunbeam English School, Bhagwanpur, Varanasi.